Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

New Delhi, China, which is plagued by deadly corona epidemics around the world, is really smart. China has been using Helenixin for the past month as the world is living in fear of the epidemic. China has reportedly been using corona jackets for the past month. A senior Chinese official said Sunday that medical-workers and border inspectors in China have been vaccinated for a month. In an interview with government broadcaster CCTV, Theng Hill, director of the Science and Technology Development Center of the National Health Commission, said the government had approved the emergency use of corona jackets on July 22.

Teng Zhengbei, head of China’s coronavirus vaccine development work, said, “We have developed a number of schemes. With including medical consensus firms, security schemes, and compensation schemes. Its purpose is to ensure that even the most urgent use can be properly controlled and monitored. He said it had been almost a month since the official launch of the Covid-19 vaccine on July 22. Although the clinical trial of the vaccine is ongoing, the first dose of the vaccine reveale that it some adverse effects on the body, and that some had a fever.

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