Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

The UK’s largest Covid-19 vaccine project has been tested by the University of Oxford. This small experiment on monkeys has been successful. Researchers involved in the COVID-19 test say the vaccine has been shown to protect mice from the dead monkey’s immune system and has no adverse effects on them.

Researchers found that none of the four monkeys vaccinated after the coronavirus reached high levels of viral pneumonia. The vaccine did not show any signs of harm to the animals.


This advanced vaccine is a good sign of the ongoing vaccine testing for humans. But experts warn that it remains to be seen whether it will be effective in humans.

Dr Penny Ward, a professor of pharmaceutical medicine at Kings College London. He said the results of the ongoing clinical trial of the vaccine on humans are eagerly awaited.

Sarah Gilbert, a professor at the University of Oxford’s Institute for General Vaccination, who led the study, has previously said she has high confidence in the vaccine. “Of course, we need to test it and see how it affects humans,” he said. We need to show that it is working properly. Also we need to prove it before we allow people infected with the coronavirus to use the vaccine. “

The University of Oxford, a British drug giant, said that if the test was successful then 100 million doses should be prepared by the end of the year. If COVID-19 test trials are successful then the whole world takes rest some time.

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