Fri. Oct 16th, 2020

Riya Chakraborty has finally opened up about the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. “She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine. Riya herself clarified the allegations against her. The journalist asked Riya a number of sharp questions. Riya was responding to Sushant’s suicide, drug case, Sushant’s family affair, CBI probe, Ankita Lokhand and nepotism. Riya also admitted in an interview that she felt it was necessary to commit suicide. He said he had thought about committing suicide in the past few months.

Journalist: Now the case of drug dealing is coming to the fore. So the question is, does Riya have anything to do with the dairy seller, the drug dealer?

Riya: That’s all there is to it, to complain to me. I tell myself to bring a gun, let my family stand in one line and shoot. Otherwise we will commit suicide. But who will be responsible for this? I deny all these allegations. All allegations are baseless.


Journalist: Have you thought about committing suicide in the last few months?

Riya: Yes, of course.

Journalist: Do you think it is possible to commit suicide?

Riya : Yes ,Maybe I or my whole family should do that. Otherwise someone should shoot us. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. We come from a middle-class family. No respect .. nothing. People have complained that I am a big dealer, tomorrow I am a murderer, all the allegations against me are false and baseless. Everyone is telling their own stories.

Riya, meanwhile, said of her ex-boyfriend Ankita Lokhand that she had not been in touch with Sushant for four years. Ankita is still living on the same platform as EMI Sushant herself.

Journalist: Do you think the media trial is going on?

 Riya: I think …. Media trial and it's very bad. Loving someone has become a crime. I think everyone who has a relationship should be arrested. . Why not? "I was devastated when Sushant kicked me out of the house," Riya said of the affair with Mahesh Bhatt. I didn't know what to do. At that time, I took Mahesh Bhatt's advice. He is the same as my father. She calls me a girl. But the time came when I was told that I was his girlfriend.

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