Prophecy against Corona! Did Nastrodams warn of Corona 500 years ago?


After the Spanish flu, the coronavirus continues to cause havoc around the world Many scientists around the world are continuing their efforts to find a cure for the disease. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening. Let’s find out how true it is and how false it is.

At the top of the list is French prophet Nastrodams. The prophet Michael Nastrodams warned of the virus many years ago in his mysterious prediction. In his book Les Propheties (The Prophecies), he talks about a disease whose symptoms are often like coronas.

The French prophet Nastrodams was born in December 1503 in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, a French village. He is both a physicist and a poet. He also prophesied. But he did not predict anyone’s personal life. He was predicting the country and the world. In his famous book Les Propheties, he spoke about 450 different things about the world, politics, terrorism and natural disasters. He wrote prophecies through poetry and code. Many of Nasratrod’s predictions are believed to be true. In his code language, he predicted the bombing of Hiroshima-Nagasaki. He also warned of the French Revolution, the Great Fire of London, and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He also spoke about Hitler and World War II. Many of his followers believe that Nastrodus also signaled the coronavirus in 1555.

He wrote in his book Les Propheties in 4 lines,

‘There will be a twin year (2020) from which will arise a queen (corona) who will come from the east (China) and

who will spread a plague (virus) in the darkness of night, on a country with 7 hills (Italy)

and will transform the twilight of men into dust (death),

to destroy and ruin the world.

It will be the end of the world economy as you know it.

Those who believe in predictions, and especially those who follow Nastrodams, say that the tun is God means 2020, the East means China, the Plague means virus, and the Maine Int Dist means death.

But the Wright’s Fax Check team found in their investigation that none of this was written in Nastrodams’ book. In this regard, Professor Stephen Gessert, who has sent French studies and history to the University of New York, said that this poetic prophecy is not the book of Nastrodams. Nor is there any mention of it in the prophecies made by him. According to Gessert, plague was a common disease in the 16th century. Nastrodams’s book mentions plague 35 times, but does not mention these four lines.

The book uses words such as “God”, “East” and “Clean”. But the word was not found anywhere. “It simply came to our notice then. Some other predators are also said to have predicted the corona virus. Famous American author of science fiction Deal Koontz is involved. He wrote about Karona in his book The Eyes of Darkness. The book was published in 181. This book has been read by many people. It contains information about the Buhan 400 virus, which is made in China like a biological weapon. It is also said to be associated with corona. Unprecedented people have also blamed China for this

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