Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Pakistan is agitated by the laying of the foundation stone of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. Pakistan, which has expressed outrage over Kashmir at the international level, is now targeting India over the Ram temple issue. In the Imran Khan government, Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has criticized the Modi government and called it a communal property. “India has now become Ram Nagar,” Rashid said in a statement. There is no secularism. Rashid added that Hindu forces are now predominant in India.

In a statement on Tuesday, Imran’s railway minister, Sheikh Rashid, questioned secularism in India. “India is now a city of Ram,” he said. There is growing communalism and secularism. To be honest, India is no longer secular. Few people there have to face problems. India has now fallen victim to Sriram’s Hindutva. The receipt also described Kashmir. The connection is that on the day Modi will pay homage to the land for the Ram temple, Section 370 of the Jammu and Kashmir Act will be one year old. On August 5 last year, the central government repealed Section 370. In addition, the special situation in Kashmir was over. “Pakistan’s Muslims are standing with the Kashmiris,” Rashid said. India should give them a chance to decide who they want to be with.

India rejects Pakistan map:

Earlier, Pakistan released a new political map on Tuesday as part of a series of protests in which it described parts of Jammu and Kashmir and parts of Gujarat as its territory. India has reacted sharply to the move, calling it “ridiculous” that it has no legal validity or international credibility. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement in New Delhi that it was looking at the so-called political map of Pakistan, which was issued by Imran Khan. This is a work of political folly in which the Indian state of Gujarat and the Union states of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have made illegal claims.

“These nonsense have no legal validity or international credibility,” he said. In fact, this new attempt only proves that Pakistan is desperate to capture the region with the help of terrorists across the border. Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan released a new political map of Pakistan, saying it was approved by the federal cabinet on Tuesday. The new map shows Pakistan as part of the whole of Kashmir. However, parts of Kashmir and Ladakh’s borders with China have not been identified and are said to be indefinite. The Line of Control (LoC) has been extended to Karakoram Pass, which is clearly described as part of Pakistan. The map describes Jammu and Kashmir as a controversial area whose final decision will be taken by the UNSC.

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