Great news for the countrymen. Seven rules may change from September 1

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The effects of the corona epidemic have been felt around the world. As a result, the financial backbone is broken. The hunters are the countrymen. In that case, the rules will change from September 1. So let’s find out which rules will change and what will be cheaper and what will be more expensive,

LPG will be cheaper.

During the corona period, everything from vegetables to groceries became more expensive, and there was good news for consumers. LPG gas could soon become cheaper. LPG, CNG and PNG prices are likely to fall from September 1.

Air travel will be expensive

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, flights will be more expensive from September 1. Passengers traveling on domestic and international flights will be charged higher airfare. Passengers traveling by domestic flight will be charged Rs 180 instead of Rs 150. Similarly, passengers traveling on international flights will have to pay $ 5.2 instead of $ 4.75.

Interest on EMI will increase.

People who fill EMIs will get expensive pockets. EMI interest may rise. The deadline for banning EMIs due to corona epidemics expires on August 31. The bank will also charge interest on borrowers. SBI and PNB continue talks on raising EMI interest rates while banks are not in a good position for corona.

Metro service to resume in Delhi

Metro services, which have been closed for a long time in Delhi, will resume. In the last few days, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to the central government to resume the service from Unlock 4.

Indigo Airlines will take off again

Indigo Airlines is set to launch its service in phases soon. Flights will depart from Prayagraj, Kolkata and Surat from September 1.

Educational institutions will open,

Unlock 4 will be implemented in the country from next month. And something in between. The federal government may decide to reopen the school.

Ola – Uber drivers can bring down the movement

Ola-Uber drivers have suffered a lot due to the corona epidemic. He warned that he would take to the streets on September 1 to increase rent, increase the deadline for loans, and so on.

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