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Here we discuss corona free countries. Their luck is that they are still far from the corona epidemic. In this page, I explain to you which countries are free from coronavirus and how?

Most countries in the world are now infected with the coronavirus. More than 200 countries or more than 25 lakh people are currently battling the coronavirus. But there are nine countries in the world that have not been affected by the coronavirus. The number of coronavirus cases in these countries is still zero.

John Hopkins University has published a report on corona disease worldwide. According to the report, the nine countries in the world are free from the coronation.

stay home
stay home

Which countries are free from coronavirus and how?


Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia. Its capital name is Ashgabat, It is a small country with a population of 60.9 lakh. To date, no coronary heart disease has been reported. Even president Gurbanguly berdimuhamedow has banned the wearing of masks or talking about the epidemic.


Another country in Central Asia is Tajikistan and its capital name is Dushanbe. It is also a small country with a population of 94.8 lakh. People here mainly go up the hill. Here, too, the corona rate is low. To date, no coronary patients have been identified. President Emomali Rahman has not to allow citizens of 35 countries to come to his country from March 1.

wear mask
wear mask


You all know very little about North Korea. His president, Kim Jong Un, is known for his brutal rule. Its capital is Pyongyang and it has a population of 2.55 crore. North Korea closed its borders as the coronavirus infection in China escalated. That’s why not a single person has been diagnosed with corona.


Corona was also not found in Sudan. It is part of the African continent and has a population of 1.12 crore. The border has been closed due to coronavirus. As a result, Sudan is no longer allowed to travel to foreign countries.


The South African nation of Burundi is also far from Corona. The country is famous for its wildlife, forests and green environment. In this country, too, Corona does not seem to be expanding her body.


This is a country at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula in western. Yemen also too far from coronavirus. The country has a total population of 3 crores, but not a single coronary patient has been identified.


Malawi country in the eastern part of Africa. It is a peaceful country with a population of 1.90 crores. This country also famous for wildlife, forest and green environment. Corona does not seem to have reached this country.


Corona has not been able to expand. It’s the population in the African country of Lesotho. It is also a small country with a population of 22.3 lakhs. The country, which is famous for its mountains and wildlife, is far from the corona. The people here have not felt corona.


Comoros is a country of Africa continent. It is a too small country with a population of only 8.7 lakh. its capital name is Moroni and president name is Azali Assoumani. It is called as “perfumed island ” for their fragrant plant. The people here also free from the corona.

In countries where the government has taken the right steps at the right time, Corona has little or no influence, like these nine countries. But the country that first took it lightly will be the worst hit, as are Italy and the United States.


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