Corona’s vaccine may be the first in India! Learn the latest news about vaccines


Work is underway to develop a vaccine to protect against the coronavirus worldwide. This includes India. Three corona vaccines are being developed here, including the Oxford vaccine. In India, it is called Kobisild. The Pune-based Siram Institute of India is a partner in the production of the vaccine. The Siram Institute has begun testing the second and third phases of the Oxford vaccine. The vaccine is testing in 14 cities across the country, involving nearly 1,600 people over the age of 18 as volunteers. The vaccine is believed to be at the forefront of the vaccine race in India. It is claimed that by the end of this year, the vaccine will be available to Indians.

In the recent past, Adar Punawala has said that his company will produce 500 doses of vaccine per minute at the Siram Institute of India. Initially, the focus will be on making a dose of 4 to 5 million Jacqueline per month. The company will later increase it to between 35 and 40 million doses annually. According to Adar Punawala, the cost of the vaccine will be very low.

With Oxford

In addition to Oxford, the vaccine that is being developed in India is called Koranchchin. It is being developed in collaboration with Indian Biotech Company ACMR. The first phase of the test is over and preparations are underway for the second phase of the test. It is believed to have started in September. Volunteers are being identified for this.

Ahmedabad-based Pharma Company Zyds Kaudila is also preparing a corona vaccine. It is call Jayakob-ji. It is currently undergoing a second phase of testing. According to Pankaj R Patel, chairman of the company, the vaccine is safe in the first phase. The people who were vaccinated were monitored by a team of doctors for seven days, but there were no side effects. Many experts say the vaccine is safe.

Waiting for the Russian vaccine

According to media reports, the Russian embassy in Moscow is in contact with Russian health officials. The vaccine, develope the Gamleya Institute, is being debated, but data on the safety and efficacy of the vaccine are still pending. Let me tell you – in recent times, the use of this vaccine in Russia has been approved. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also demanded that the vaccine be completely safe and that his daughter be vaccinated.

Will the Chinese vaccine be available in India ?

According to a report in the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times, the Ad5 – nCov vaccine has been formulated for the Kandhino Biological Incinerator. Scientists are hopeful that the vaccine may hit the market by the end of this year. But the big question is, can this Jacqueline be found in India? China has said it will give Pakistan, Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines a vaccine on a priority basis, but there are ongoing disputes with India over its borders, with experts believing that it could prevent India from getting vaccines as soon as possible.

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