Biden took another step toward US rule. What will be the impact on India if the regime changes?

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Joe Biden takes another step toward US rule. Although counting was delayed for e-mail and postal voting, Biden’s chances of winning were slim. He is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jiang’s intervention. In Pennsylvania, Biden also overtook Trump. If Biden wins in one state, he will get a majority.

According to the latest reports, Biden has won 264 seats, while Trump has won 214 seats. A majority of 270 seats is required for a majority. In the midst of all this, President Donald Trump has again complained that votes are being stolen by Democrats.

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Some of Trump’s supporters have also protested in counting states. His appeal has been thwarted since Trump’s appeal was rejected in court to stop counting votes in Georgia and Michigan. Now there is talk that if President Trump loses and Democratic candidate Joe Biden wins, what impact will that have on our country? The chemistry between President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has warmed India-US relations.

If the counting trend continues, Biden, Raj, will run the White House. The issue’s end has the recaptured Doomsday in the control of India. In the Ladakh region of the Indo-China border, the Indian Army and the Chinese Army are in a state of confrontation. If the conflict continues, it is likely to have an impact on the rest of the world. In that sense, it is possible America’s approach would be important.

India will then have an eye on what the US approach to Pakistan will be. But in the case of China and Pakistan, the United States and India are certain to take sides, according to experts. Because the United States is worried about the way China is pursuing its expansionist approach. In addition, China is striving to expand its dominance in the South China Sea. All of this shows that it is better for the United States to side with India.

So whoever comes to power in the United States, India-US relations must move forward. With Biden and Kamala losing to the right-wing ideology, the approach could create an audacity for Modi.

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