About hanta virus


On the one hand, the coronavirus has caused panic all over the world, but now in China, another deadly virus china has lost sleep. This virus name is hanta virus.

Here we discuss his hantavirus and his symptoms, caused, prevention…..etc

What do you need to know?

*Where hantavirus emerged?
*How Hantavirus spread?
*Hantavirus symptoms.

Where did Hanta virus emerge?

It also emerges in Wuhan city of china like a corona. And again china worried for hantavirus. till now only one person died due to hantavirus in Wuhan city. Now it is limited to Wuhan city, china and will also be epidemic if the right measures are not taken.

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cause of hantavirus

How hanta virus spread?

The centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) told that it spread by a rodent. These viruses are not spread by air. They are spread by persons in, face and mouses saliva.

Hanta virus is not dangerous like corona virus . Don’t be panic stay clean stay safe .

Hantavirus symptoms

Muscles pain/myalgia
Shortness of breath
It creates Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS) and hantavirus hemorrhagic fever syndrome (HFRS) diseases in man’s body.


There are no specific medicine for hanta virus.

Only you can steps to reduce risk of infection.

Clean your home and workplace in a regular basis.

Wear a masks and gloves when you clean your home and any places.

Close all hole of your home and around your home.

Be aware from that places where rodents are leave dropping.

Don’t believe on canard or false news.

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