Tue. Oct 20th, 2020

Cuttack, (Krishnaprasad Das): It’s hard to imagine how horrible and heartbreaking death can be due to a corona infection. An Oriya woman who was a teacher at a well-known private English medium school in Mumbai has once again proved that she was infected by the corona and died. But at the moment, the husband of the deceased teacher’s engineer is trapped in Cuttack, and the fact that his 13-year-old daughter is alone in the Mumbai flat brings tears to the eyes of those who hear it. It was not even possible for the family to see or bury the woman after her death.

This is what happened. The families of Satyanarayana Mohapatra (86) and Basanti Mohapatra (76) retired railway officials from Sarichua area of ​​Jagatpur, Cuttack. They had two sons and two daughters.

What can they do ?

The eldest son, Prashant Mohapatra, is a scientist in Mumbai, while the younger son, Sushant Mohapatra, works as an engineer in Mumbai. One daughter is a professor at the Benares Hindu University. She works as a teacher in Cuttack. Satyanarayana and Basanti live in Jagatpur with other daughters Rajalakshmi Mohapatra. On March 13, Basanti was admitted to the ICU with a sudden illness. Prashant and Sushant, two sons living in Mumbai, and Cuttack, a daughter living in Benares, moved to Mumbai after hearing the news of her mother’s illness. But they were unable to return because of the announcement of a fight for the corona.

Prashant’s family lives in the same place in Mumbai, while Sushant’s family lives in the New Panvel flat in Khandeshwar. Engineer Sushant’s family said his wife, teacher Sujata Mohapatra, 7, and a 13-year-old daughter, Sushant, could not return from Cuttack, while Sujata and her daughter were there. Sujata had to go out for various needs. Suddenly on May 20, Sujata felt unwell and sought medical advice. His body went for a test. On May 22, she was taken to MGM Hospital, where she was diagnosed with coronary heart disease. The Cute area was contaminated. As a result, her other relatives were unable to meet her 13-year-old daughter.

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